About Us

'Innovation is not a process but a state of mind...'

Our competitive edge stems from our approach to innovation. Being a first-mover in our systems, business model and product development allows improvement, ideas and flexibility at every stage in our business.

'The extra mile is never crowded...'

Going The Extra Mile underpins everything we do. We apply this principle to our customers and our colleagues and reserve Red Carpet Parking for our team members who best demonstrate this each week.

Legal Insurance Management (LIM) is a leading, ISO 9001-certified specialist in the Legal Expenses, Professional Fees, Home Emergency and Vehicle Breakdown Insurance markets. We have built a reputation for providing innovative, bespoke protection and peace of mind for our diverse range of clients, maintaining a commitment to delivering not only market-leading insurance products, but a premium level of service to our customers. This has provided LIM with a reputation built on the assurance of quality in every respect.


LIM works alongside a number of reputable insurers and household names to provide tailored underwriting and niche products, both standalone and complementary. Our expertise in all types of Legal Expenses, Professional Fees, Home Emergency and Vehicle Breakdown Insurance enable us to provide facilities to the insurance market ranging from the simplest forms of Motor Uninsured Loss Recovery, to the complexities of bespoke schemes.


The LIM Group of companies offer every partner and customer a delightful and inimitable experience.

'Responsiveness is the key to success...'

To our colleagues, being responsive encompasses efficiency, challenging the norm, anticipating customer needs, reading between the lines and being flexible and adaptable allowing us to continually delight.


'Quality is not an act but a habit...'

Everything that we do, say, produce or provide is of the utmost quality. Quality tops off our unique proposition and, in addition to our other core values, differentiates us from our competitors.

Legal Insurance Management (LIM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of AmTrust International Limited.