Amie Jones

"There's never any traffic on the extra mile..."

After successfully completing her Law Degree at Keele University and Legal Practice Course at the College of Law Birmingham, Amie joined LIM Group as a Legal Claims Assessor. Seven years on, she's now our LIM Claims Business Manager. 

Amie is known around the office for her ever-changing hair styles and legal expertise.

Get to know Amie...

What is your food heaven and food hell?

My food heaven is spaghetti carbonara - I eat it all the time! Food hell is lamb hotpot.

If we asked your colleagues to describe you in three words, what would they say?

 Knowledgeable, perfectionist, dedicated.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love running and shopping - my favourite store being Reiss. I find myself constantly redecorating too!

What is your biggest achievement?

Being award the most meritorious completion of the Cert CII for the Birmingham Institute in 2015.

What are five things you would take with you to a desert island?

A good pair of sunglasses, suncream, a Swiss army knife, a lilo and solar-powered torch.

If you could invite three people to a dinner party, dead or alive,who would you choose?

Amelia Earhart because she broke barriers for women's rights, John Bishop for a bit of light-hearted comedy and Steve Jobs as he'd have loads of innovative ideas.

What is your spirit animal?

A Snow Leopard as they're unique and adaptable.

If you could pick a superpower, what would it be?

To be able to split into two - I'd get so much more done!

If you weren't working in Insurance, what would you be doing? 

I'd be a Chartered Surveyor as I think it'd be really interesting.