Paul Webb

"I would like to die on Mars, just not on impact..."

After completing a degree in Business and Marketing in 1997, Paul moved into web design while working at Leicester Mercury. With 20 years experience in web and app development he joined LIM in 2015 to lead the development of bespoke software to aid the many facets of the group businesses.

Paul is well known around the office for being first to any food in the office and his superb fancy dress costumes.

Get to know Paul...

What is your food heaven and food hell?

Hell: mushrooms.

Heaven: anything except mushrooms.

If we asked your colleagues to describe you in three words, what would they say?

Supportive, analytical, motivated.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Cycling, walking and photography.

What is your biggest achievement?

Teaching myself the skills needed to do a job I enjoy.

What are five things you would take with you to a desert island?

Sunblock (I'm a ginger), a tent for shelter, a fishing net for food, a bookshelf full of Stephen Baxter books for entertainment, and a volleyball for conversation.

If you could invite three people to a dinner party, dead or alive,who would you choose?

Brian Cox, the physicist not the actor, Brian Blessed and Dara O'Briain. 

What is your spirit animal?

Hyena - they're excellent at team work.

If you could pick a superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation - it would make holidays a lot less stressful!

If you weren't working in Insurance, what would you be doing? 

Running a cinema.