GTEM Award of the Month

At LIM, we strive to offer every partner and customer a delightful and inimitable experience. ‘Going The Extra Mile’ underpins everything we do, and our employees apply this principle to our customers. Each month, an employee is nominated from each department and one is selected by the Senior Leadership Team to achieve the GTEM Award of the Month. The employee is then rewarded with red carpet parking for the entire month, and a donation is made in their name to a charity of their choice. See our winners below:-


Saima Hammad

Saima from our LIMemergency department was presented with the GTEM Award this month for her dedication to a complainant. After speaking to the claimant and contractor, she managed to resolve this and the claimant provided us with 5 star feedback! Saima’s charity of choice is Mary Steven’s Hospice.


Chris Murrell

Chris from our Central Services department was present with the GTEM Award this month for his commitment to a high profile account. The deadline changed last minute, restricting Chris’ time to complete his task, although he managed to get this done a day earlier than required! Chris’ charity of choice is Sight.